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Give handsome cat Boris in good hands

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa

Cat Boriska-the handsome, catemaco, also very anxious, sensitive and affectionate cat, ready for a gentle pochivka behind the ear is screwed firebrand in Your hand, mercati, to fall at his feet and to show how he loves You. In addition, Boris also very Correct Cat, because wary strangers! But what it gives true male representative of the cat family, so this is a good, healthy appetite. Yes, Boriska still Abarca. And his commitment to the food is immediately visible on all the barrels and fleshy ass. But good the cat should be plenty, right? And so this cat as Boris in noble color luxury mink fur coat - all the more! Boriska gets along well with his fellows and if he will become the second favorite in the family - he will be happy twice. And the cat is very playful and would be happy chasing mice and is worn over the rope. Come soon meets Boreas and to leave the "kid" You can't!
P.S. Still Boriska treats professionally from the Blues, bad mood,depression, but to understand the efficiency of this process can only in practice...Age: about a year,vaccinated, neutered. Healthy.Friends with tray and scratching.
. In General, tender and gentle animal.Fit and in a private house.
phone 0974710559, 0634191729, 7998748