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Ammonium sulfate (Price negotiable)

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:OOO "Poleagro"
Seller:Igor' Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

Sell ammonium Sulfate cars and warehouse in Cherkassy. The ammonium sulfate - (NH4)2SO4. This fertilizer contains about 21% nitrogen, it is highly soluble in water, little compressed, keeping the friability. Ammonium sulfate also contains up to 24% sulfur, so at the same time it is a source of sulfur nutrition.

Ammonium sulfate is chemically neutral salt, but in the soil, the ammonium ion is absorbed by the soil absorbing complex, nitrogen ammonium parts used by plants, so there is a small amount of free acid and, therefore, the fertilizer is physiologically acidic. Acidification of the soil solution is strengthened by the fact that part of the ammonium nitrogen passes into the nitrate form. All this makes us cautious about this fertilizer on acid soils (soddy-podzolic soils, brown forest, forest gray, red, jeltsema) and only use it in conjunction with physiologically alkaline phosphate (tomaschek, precipitate, phosphorite flour or lime. Otherwise, a few years after regular make ammonium sulfate there is a marked acidification of pH and overall reduction in the level of fertility. Especially actively respond to reduced productivity for the long introduction of ammonium sulfate crops such as beets, corn, barley, and spring wheat.

In black, grey, chestnut and brown semi-desert soils, where a lot of free carbonates, be wary of the acidification of the environment, due to the entry of ammonium sulfate is not necessary. Moreover, some of the acidification of the environment caused by the introduction of this fertilizer promotes better assimilation of soil nutrients.

Ammonium sulfate has the valuable quality - low migration ability, as the ammonium cation is actively absorbed by the soil and this prevents it from leaching. Therefore, the ammonium sulfate is recommended to make on light soils, irrigation, i.e. where there is a potential risk of loss of nitrogen fertilizer due to the migration phenomenon. For the same reason, the ammonium sulfate is ineffective in dressing when applied to the rows.