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Metal pallets

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Company:OOO 'Yu.T.K.-grup'
Seller:Kotov Vasilij Vasil'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kirovohrads'ka Oblast', Kirovohrad

The company "T. K., "group" produces metal pallets any modifications and dimensions.

The palletor pallet is a shipping container which has a rigid platform and a place sufficient to create an integrated cargo units. Designed for storage of cargo and its displacement by mechanical means.

The goods placed on the pallet, can be attracted by a belt (fixing belt) or shrink-wrapped or stretch films.

Distinguish double-threaded and Quadrifilar pallets, the first design includes an input clamp only on two opposite sides, the second enable you to enter a pitchfork loader with four sides.

Pallets can also be odnonastilnye and dvuhnastilnye, i.e. having a platform for placement of cargo only one or both sides.

In Europe generally uses a standard pallet EUR ("Euro pallets"), which has a size 800x1200x150 mm., It is used mainly for retailers, its size defined by the internal the sizes of trucks making deliveries from warehouses to retail trading institutions. The second modification of pallets is the so-called pallets Fin type overall dimensions 1000x1200x150 mm. In General, the metal pallets are used in various industries for storage, transportation and storage of various goods. Durable, reliable, metal pallets of our production is guaranteed to provide the efficiency of warehouse operations. Metal pallets have three main advantages compared with other pallets:

• Durability;
• Durability (they withstand the stresses that destroy other types of pallets - both physical and chemical);
• Ease of recovery and repair.

 Metal pallets are resistant to weather conditions. Pallets are equipped with guides for the forklift or pallet truck. They are compatible with packaging and equipment.

In addition, it is worth noting stable hygienic characteristics, no nails, cracks and chips, consistent quality and standard the dimensions. Pallets do not absorb and retain moisture. Their use eliminates the need for insecticide treatment. Metal pallets do not absorb odors and active ingredients, are easy to clean. Temperature range of application: -40°C ...+ 80°C.

Typical variations of metal pallets.

 Metal pallet with solid bottom

Frame entirely from the pipe him. The top plane is additionally closed with a continuous metallic sheet with a thickness of 1-2 mm.

Metal mesh pallet

The top (mesh) - 50*50 O 3-4 mm, frame (profile pipe) - 25*25.

Metal pallet MPK
The frame is made from a profile of a metal pipe section HH mm, upper surface (the plane of the flooring of the cargo) is made of a square pipe cross-section HH,5 mm.
The painting is made in any color.

Requirements for use of metal pallets
1. In the calculation of allowable loads on the tray by default everywhere it is assumed that the weight of the stored goods are distributed according to the level of the working the plane of the pan evenly, both on width and depth.
2. All of these allowable load - static. Dynamic load (hitting, pushing) as the side and top parts of the pallet are not allowed.
    The company "T. K., "group" produces metal pallets any modifications and dimensions. In addition, if necessary, available accessory pallet boards or fasteners.