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Industrial chemistry

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Company:ChP 'NPF SVK'
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Acid barterisation

Acid silicic fluorine hydrogen

Adhesives BF-2, BF-4

Glue 88-SA

Adhesive high temperature

Glue The M-88 M-88-1, M-88-2

Nitrogly AK-20

Glue T-13, T-131 T-132

The electrolyte for acid batteries

The electrolyte for potassic alkaline batteries-lithium and sodium-lithium

The Downer of the acid mist AIA-8

Antifoam "SVK" (Grade: A)

The drug VD (grade: B) (Foaming agent)

The drug VD (mark:) (Degreaser CRS-ONT, DHTI-NT)

The drug VD (grade: C) (Sulphonole NP-3)

Brilliance-forming Supplement B-7211

Brightening agent CRS-Tin DHTI-Sn-701)

Additive CRS-Zinc-50 (DHTI-zinc-104)

The liquid for liquid penetrant inspection (LV-6A, PR-1, Coolant-1)

Liquid Marking

Penetrant red Aero-12

Penetrant LV-1K

The developer PR-4

Inhibited hydrochloric acid

The zinc complexant

Concentrate phosphating FC-16 (MAGE)

The phosphating concentrate FC-1 (KF-1

Manganese nitrate

Manganese sulfate

Manganese carbon dioxide

Manganese monophosphate

Soldering salt is a zinc-ammonium chloride (Grade: D)

Zinc nitrate

Zinc sulfate

Zinc phosphate odnozameshchenny

Zinc chloride (50% solution)

Emulsifier ICS

High temperature binder (ASF, ABFS, AMPS, IFS, AHFS, AHFS-1, AHFS-2 (MIX))

Inhibitor atmospheric corrosion BTAC (Grade: A)

Inhibitor etching in acids "SVK" (Grade: A)

Cold galvanizing Paint cinnabarina and aluminum filled (Grades: SOC-1, SOC-2, SOC-3, SOC-4, TWS-5A, TWS-6A, TWS-7C, TWS-gr, TWS-GA, TWS-10V, TWS-11B, TWS-12V, TWS-13C, TWS-ES, SOC, SPA-FS.)

The compositions of the passivation KP-01M, KP-02M

The preservative compositions of the SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5