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Polycaprolactone Ecoforms

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Ecoforms ® is environmentally friendly , non-toxic thermoplastic polycaprolactone. Its melting temperature is about 65°C, and hardens Ecoforms ® at room temperature, turning into very durable and easy material.

One of the main advantages Ecoforms ® - it Menagarishvili : solidifies it does not lose its properties as polymer clay, polyester or epoxy resin. When re-heating it again becomes plastic, so You can use it an infinite number of times, constantly improving their ideas or finding new ones!


Unlike many plastics, adhesives and resins, Ecoforms ® brand safe for the environment and humans. It contains no harmful substances, does not emit toxic gases, not sticky, not sticky and does not irritate the skin. It's easy and comfortable to work with your hands or any convenient tool.

  Ecoforms ® - very durable the material is able to withstand quite heavy loads. At the same time it is sufficiently elastic, perfectly drawn into a string and is inflated in a thin film.


Ecoforms ® amazing easy to use . The rate of curing depends on its temperature, so You can regulate it. No longer have to hurry to finish the work up to the time of curing and Vice versa, to wait several hours to harden Your product.

Ecoforms ® does not conduct electricity and has excellent water repellency. This allows it to be used for the repair and manufacture of plugs, connectors, etc.

Ecoforms ® absolutely non-waste, shavings, burrs and cutting - all this again and again can be used without much difficulty.

  Ecoforms ® fine colored powder and alcohol inks in the process, perfectly polished, cut, drilled, great takes the form of mandrels and dies.


All these and many other properties make Ecoforms ® versatile and very useful in all areas of life: from fixing a faucet in the bathroom to the development and design of robotics in industrial environments, from child art to art, from toys to great inventions!