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Maltodextrin made in China. Smart Food

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:14 UAH
Company:Smart Food
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk

Maltodextrin - 14 UAH/kg wholesale from 25kg; 20 UAH/kg retail


Maltodextrin (syrup, dextrimaltose) is a carbohydrate, its structure is built from molecules of glucose, maltose (2 molecules glucose), maltotriose (3 glucose molecules) and polysaccharides (a few molecules glucose). Maltodextrin is something between glucose and starch.
Powder white or creamy white in color, with a sweet taste, good soluble in hot and cold water.
Maltodextrin (syrup, dextrimaltose) is produced by the enzymatic method splitting vegetable starch, with the result that the starch molecules are divided into fragments - dextrins, consisting of varying numbers of glucose molecules.

Maltodextrin in sports nutrition
• Changes the viscosity of the product
• Has the effect of thickening, emulsification.
• Slows down the process of natural change in color.
• Can act as a shaper or as the baking powder.
• Increase the energy value of the product;
• Improving the solubility of mixtures;
• Structure formation and homogeneity of the product;
• Simplify adding ingredients with minimal dosages, such as colorants, flavors, vitamins, etc.;
• Reduction of the water absorption capacity of the absorbent the components of the mixture.

Maltodextrin is typically used as the inert auxiliary substances in the production of sports supplements. The gainers can be used in large quantities as a source of energy.
All reports of harm maltodextrin does not correspond to reality. It harmless food component, which is widely used in many fields the food industry.