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Welded wire mesh Kharkov

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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Mesh masonry production

Welded masonry grid by using the method of contact-point or arc welding in accordance with standard GOST 23279-85. Raw material in the manufacture of welded mesh is used, the metal wire VR-1 (GOST 6727-80) or galvanized steel wire (GOST 3282-74) with a diameter in the range of 3 - 40 mm screen Cloth is wire, arranged perpendicularly relative to each other with the formation of cells (square or rectangular), at the intersection connected by welding.

Given the relatively low cost machines with low productivity (1-4 welding electrode for simultaneous welding) masonry grid is produced in almost all regions of Ukraine.

Sell welded steel mesh can do in maps (sheets or in rolls of various cutting (this depends on the settings of the grid).

Main parameters and types of masonry grid.

Metal welded wire mesh is divided (classified):

The diameter of the wire rods:

* heavy mesh is made of wire diameter is 12 mm and more

* lightweight mesh is made of wire in diameter of 3-10 mm

The layout of the working valves are distinguished:

* screen cloth on which the working armature in one direction, and the distribution valve is in the other direction (longitudinal or transverse);

* grid in the canvas which the working armature in both directions.

Type of surface coating is:

* mesh uncoated welded black;

* welded stainless steel mesh (made from uncoated stainless steel;

* welded wire mesh galvanized;

* welded mesh with a polymer coating, so-called "polymer network".