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Dosing pump (Hydrosol)

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:ChPKP VAN
Seller:Makuschenko Sergej
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You have the opportunity to buy a pump dispenser (Hydrosol):

Harvesters: pump dispenser for DON, NIV, Yenisei
Excavators: EA-A-30,
Tractor: pump dispenser (Hydrosol) for MTZ, UMZ, HTZ, K-700, K-744, T-150, T-25, T-40
Loaders:-18, SO-28, TM-3,-30, PC-2202, PC-2701, Lviv loader 40810
Rollers DN: DN-84, -85, Doo-90
Trucks: BelAZ
and Hydrosol HU for autograder DZ-122, RS-180, RS-143

We repair pumps pipettors (Giproruda) of the following types:

Hydrosol type W/..., U/... Very old and very successful development. By default, the technique is not installed, is produced as spare parts. In comparison with foreign analogues DANFOSS, ORSTA, LIFAM or HU - not sensitive to dirt in the oil, and therefore very reliable.

Pump dispenser steering IWG/... differs from U/... lack of built-in safety valves. Not mass-produced, interchangeable with U/... without further alterations.

Steering pump dispenser LLP/..., NGOs..., HKUS-..., LIFAM, DANFOSS have common structural features, completely interchangeable. Vary the pressure setting and the size of the hole fitting (depending on manufacturer).

Hydrauli BAT... from JSC "Omskhydroprivod" come with built-in amplifier or without him. Volume number varies from 80 to 600 cm3.

Model HU-... Bulgarian production. To replace W/... or OCR/... required transition roller and installation of new fittings.