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Packages, packaging materials and equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:ChP "Vakumus"
Seller:Oleksandr Saharchuk (rukovoditel')
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Address:Ukraine, Volyns'ka Oblast', Lutsk

PE "Vacumes" manufactures and supplies packaging packaging for food products and industrial orientation.

The range products included:


Packages vacuum multilayer film. The widespread use of such film is in packaging perishable food products, meat, fish, and other food products.

Packets with a flat bottom. These packages always look very nice, and comfortable in use. Also widely used for packaging of dried fruits and tea.

Sputter packs and bags. Used in packaging "grilled chicken" and other situations where it is necessary to provide a high barrier properties

Packages for packaging of bakery products. The product range includes packaging for final design presentation of breads, rolls, croissants, toast, pastries, loaves.

-Produce bags for packaging of hygiene products. In this case, use the tape POLITEN ® HP "Chemosvit Folie as".

-Offer your attention is also Vacuum thermoforming film. For packing on automatic lines film in rolls also brand TATRAFOL ® EA. It rolled material film.