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Buy poseamation corn and sunflower company pioneer / Pioneer

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Seller:Aleksandr AgroTrejd
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv
Quality planting material (seeds of maize and sunflower) at affordable prices in Ukraine in bulk:
Sell corn hybrids pioneer / Pioneer varieties: PR39A61 (PRA), PR39A50 (PRA), PR39G12 (PRG), PR39H32 (PRG), PR39K13 (PRC), PR39G83 (PRG), PR39R86 (PRR), PR39T13 (PRT), PR39T45 (PRT), PR39D81 (PRD), PR39B76 (PRB), P8529 (P), PR39F58 (PRF), PR39R20 (PRR), PR3893/CLARICA (PR / Clarica), P9000 (P), PR38D89 /ANASTA (PRD / Anasta), PR38N86 (PRN), P9025 (P), PR38A79 (PRA), PR38A24 (PRA), PR37D25 (PRD), PR37Y12 (PRI), PR37N01 (PRN), PR38A22 (PRA), PR38H67 (PRG), PR37F73 (PRF), PR35F38 (PRF)
Sell sunflower hybrids pioneer / Pioneer varieties: PR62A91 (PRA), PR63LL01 (PRL), PR63A62 (PRA), PR63A83(PRA), PR63A86 (PRIA), R63LE10 (PRLE), PR63A90 (PRA), PR64А15 (PRA), PR64G32 (PRG), PR64G34 (PRG), PR64G45 (PRG), PR64G46 (PRG), PR64F50 (PRF), PR64Е71 (PRE), PR64Е83 (PRE), PR64A89 (PRA)
Sale of plant protection products(PPPs). Supply ability inoculum under the order.
Here You can buy sunflower seeds and corn on the output price. Low priced.
Delivery in Ukraine.Tel.+38(099)780-20-21 Alexander.