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Albumin - opt from 20 kg 125 UAH/kg - retail 130 UAH/kg in shop Smart Food

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:130 UAH
Company:Smart Food
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk

Egg protein is called perfect. This is indeed the case: he contains everything needed for human life amino acids. In this case, must to clarify: protein, whole eggs instead of just egg whites, who used to eat bodybuilders. Although the biological value and protein is still quite high.

The yolks are usually ignored due to the presence of fats. Between however, there is a sufficient amount of protein is about 2.7 grams for the average eggs weighing 50 grams and fats only four and a half grams.

And what is interesting: 72% fat egg yolk - mono - or polyunsaturated, that is, it is not harmful. So to completely abandon egg yolks are not worth it.

Actually, minus the protein drink from egg protein one is quite a high price. It is the deterrent factors preventing widespread egg protein.

One of the advantages of drinks to celebrate balanced amino acid composition (even adding to the proteins of eggs a certain amount of egg yolks, you will not be able to achieve the ideal, and here), almost complete the absence of fat (though not all of them are harmful, and some are very useful), ease of preparation. Yes and enjoy a cocktail, like it or not, easier what to eat 5-6 eggs, even if some egg yolks to throw in the trash. Outweigh all these advantages, one disadvantage? If you are not pressed for money, of course. Otherwise doubtful. In General, treat yourself and choose what is affordable for you.

Concentrate whey protein-70% (Buchach, Ukraine) - opt from 7 kg -90 UAH/ retail -110 UAH/kg,Also recently started production of whey protein concentrate and LLC "Buchach cheese factory" (Ukraine). Protein concentrate with a mass fraction of 70%. Energy value (calories) 100g: 383,5 kcal. Nutritional value per 100g: fat to 3.5 g, protein 70g, carbs - 18g.

The shelf life of the concentrate 8 months from the manufacturing date when a temperature of from 0 to 18 degrees, and relative humidity of not more than 80%.

These products are not yet available in stores sporting power, however, cheap raw protein begins to actively sold private persons. It is obvious that in the near future it will become more popular, due to the constant rise in prices for protein concentrates. Siremobil is a reasonable way of saving for people who do not agree to pay for the packaging and the

Used this product exactly as the standard protein. To improve taste can make smoothies using fruit, sugar, milk and other the ingredients.

The store is located at the address: Donetsk Avenue Fallen Communards 188.