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"Agro GPS System parallel driving B..

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:4 000 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast'
Agro GPS will help to reduce costs and to minimize overlap and gaps between adjacent passages about the field treatment (spraying, spreading fertilizers, the introduction of herbicides, cultivation and other works). Can be easily reinstalled on another machine. Especially effective is the use of parallel systems driving together with wide aggregates.

Immediate benefits:
- reduction of fuel consumption, seed, fertilizers, plant protection products
- ability to work at night
the reduction in distance traveled due to the reduction of the ceiling, saving hours
- faster work, which makes it easier to meet deadlines

Key features:
The operation of the device in the path field (curved field).
During operation of the unit, you can use the mode and path fields that will show You the movement on the field (the passage is colored in a different color, and this means that when you turn, you can easily find a number with minimal overlap), the path and the treated area.
- Parallel driving along the line A-C.
When this is carried out automatically record the work produced.
- You can view on the device video recorded driving.
- The opportunity to return to the starting point (to continue work in the field).
- Move cards processed fields on Your personal computer and report on the work carried out.

The main advantages of the system:
- The system is installed on any tractor, foreign and domestic production (only needed the battery “cigarette lighter”);
- Maximum use of the width of the unit is minimized overlap of neighboring rows;
Eliminated the gaps between adjacent rows;
- Increases the load factor of equipment (work at night);
- Provides the ability to work in conditions of poor visibility (dust, mist);
- Increased comfort, reduced fatigue of the driver;
- Time saving, fertilizers and chemicals.
When used for driving the system You work faster than the usual way of driving. The result is reduced cost of processing hectare, and frees up resources that you can use on other works.

- cultivation
- plowing
- sowing of spring and winter
- spraying
- spreading

the inclinometer or built-in compensation angle (TCM) does not decrease accuracy when driving machinery on slopes and in conditions of uneven terrain
- indicator coefficient HDOP
- warning radio signal reception from satellites
- advanced analyzer satellites in the processing, the quality indicator differential correction
- Russian interface
- calculate the area of a field with an error no worse than 0,2%
- preserving maps, view and print them in Google

adjustment type: free
display: LCD display
universal mount antenna and display
cold start: 10-15 minutes