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Fuel filters new generation of separ -2000

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:5 600 RUR
Company:OOO "Baltaks"
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg
SEPAR fuel filters-2000 heated and unheated, 100% purifying fuel from water and solid particles of dirt. Can be mounted in cars and trucks, agricultural machinery, installed at gas stations, and even yachts. SEPAR -2000 has several advantages: - guarantee trouble-free operation of the engine on the fly and when you run, regardless of contamination of fuel in the tank, including in winter, -small size, -effective self-cleaning of the filter element, -no rubbing or moving parts, and therefore repair -replace the filter 1-2 times per year, -different bandwidth (from 1 to 60 l/min), -made for both gasoline and diesel fuel, -each filter description for installing the Russian language. Delivery in any region!