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Manual parrot Jeltuhay cockatoo (small, large, medium) - manual Chicks lycormas

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Seller:animal planet animal-planet
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Kakadu jeltuhay, fully manual Chicks lycormas our breeding. Offer cockatoo these types: Large jeltuhay cockatoo ( Galerita Galerita and Galerita Triton dimensions 50-63 cm with a tail), the Average Jeltuhay cockatoo (Eleonora Cockatoo sizes 40-45 cm), Small jeltuhay cockatoo (Cockatoo of Sulpher - 35-38cm). Our Chicks are infinitely tender and gentle. Cockatoos are incredibly talented and capable, this is the best choice for baby cockatoos are learning to talk! Kakadu is a show man, toastmaster, part entertainer in the bird world. Zheltokozhie cockatoo (Chicks lycormas) with their charm will enchant any, and their dances, tenderness, and excellent ability to talk - always lift up You and Your family mood. Everything needed for a cockatoo (cage, cage enclosures, games perching sites, accessories and feed in the range). Price check by phone, it depends on many parameters, Ukraine organized delivery