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Jaco - hand the talking parrot, manual Chicks lycormas

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Seller:animal planet animal-planet
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Jaco, Jaco red or aloholic, African Jaco parrot or The Congo. We offer brand manual Chicks Jaco, infinitely gifted and talented kids. The intelligence of jacos equal to the child 4 years, it is scientifically proven ability Jaco is phenomenal: in addition what is the best talker in the world (vocabulary of over 300 words), they exactly imitate the voice of any person, and even able to learn to go to the toilet in a certain place. The main advantage of juveniles vicoria Jaco is their desire in all things to imitate the man from conversation with its owner ( what is sensible), to his habits, habits and routines. Lycormas is ideal for a family with children, they very affectionate and well be friends and play with them. For restrained and noble appearance Jaco - hidden personality with many advantages. Jaco complement and embellish your life, it's a true friend, who will always be pleased.
Cages, aviaries feed and accessories for Jaco, just in range. Price check by phone, depends on various parameters. Organized delivery in Ukraine