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LLC Mulard Ukraine" implements broiler Guinea fowl from France.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:TOV 'Mulard Ukrayina'
Seller:Anatolij, Leshek
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Address:Ukraine, Volyns'ka Oblast', Kovel

We have for sale two broiler crosses: ESSOR MI.LF and ESSOR ML.FL.

These Guinea fowl are the result of genetic selection, made by the same French company that genetically selected duck MULARD. Ideal for fattening in home. They are very disease resistant and grow quickly. At the age of 7 weeks Guinea reaches a weight of 1.7 kg Within 12 weeks of the fattening fowl reaches a weight of from about 2.6 to 3.5 kg

When the fowl is called the Royal bird, usually mean not only beautiful plumage, but high the quality of eggs and meat. The meat of Guinea fowl is the most healthy. It contains a large number of macro-and micronutrients and vitamins, especially of group B. Recommended by doctors as the most healthy meat for the children.

We have all necessary certificates, which give the buyer 100% guarantee that buys these cross guineas ESSOR MI.LF and ESSOR ML.FL.

Additionally guarantee almost 100% survival at the end customer. This is due to the special technology transportation and fattening daily guineas.

Guinea fowl for sale only for individual orders. Sale is only on 9-10 day life bird.

If You have any question, please contact us and we will reply.