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Swans, Peacocks, Pheasants, Ducks, Goose, Cranes you can buy from us . Sell

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

We offer You various kinds of decorative and waterfowl, which decorate any country house and the pond.
Crowned Cranes, Craxi, IBIS, Flamingo Pink.
Pheasants: Manali, Satire, Tragopan taminco, three Eared species Elliot, Pile, Mikado, Gold, Diamond, Kochlacs, Silver and other species.
Peacocks: White, Careplace, Indian Pavo, Javanese.
Swans: Black, White, Cernosia.
Duck Mandarin Duck, Karolinka, White, Black. Marbled Teal, Ruddy Shelduck, Common, Autumn Sistema.
Goose Canadian Red-Throated, Whiskered, Black.
Bird home cultivation, adapted to the content and feeds
in contrast to wild - which often dies. This is important to remember!!!

Perhaps the mild wings.
There is a Mature pair.
To each Client an individual approach!
We will be glad to help You!
Delivery is possible.

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