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The worm prospector (Vladimir) Red Californian worm.worm for fishing.vermicompost.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
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Address:Russian Federation

The worm prospector Vladimir
worms "miner" different perseverance in the substrate. One worm "miner" in the year produces offspring in 1500 individuals and 100 kg of vermicompost. From 1 ton of compost produced on average 600 kg of vermicompost and 10 - 15 kg of worms.One day the worm prospector" processes compost equal to its own weight. The earthworm lives 10-16 years. One worm "miner" in the year produces 1500 individuals.Distinctive features of earthworms "Staratel"
worms "miner" work in a much larger temperature range from+ 8 to+ 29
worms "miner" continue laying eggs even at a temperature of 8 - 10 seconds
worms "miner" different perseverance in the substrate
But the most important difference is that earthworms "Staratel" relatively easy to switch from one type of feed to another; they are adapted to the very different food substrate manure (cow, horse etc.,), kitchen waste, precipitation, wastewater, last year's leaves, paper, etc.
worms "miner" retain high viability and performance of high density per unit volume of the substrate.
In the diet of "prospectors" are:

The remains of tea and coffee;
Rotten tomatoes and other vegetables;
Banana skins;
Peel of oranges, mandarins, lemons;
Bread (old, moldy);
Cheese, cereals;
Fruit rotten;
Grass and leaves.the manure.any!

You should not feed worms meat!!!!

Delivery in the regions of Russia.Belarus.or pickup.