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Spruce, blue spruce Kyiv buy, sale blue spruce coniferous plants

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:600 UAH
Seller:Vladimir Vladimirovich Anohin
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

We offer a superb version of blue Christmas tree. Comes in a container with a large comconsole native land, which provides an excellent adaptation and survival during subsequent planting in the open ground. You and Your family will enjoy the excellent quality of plants: straight trunk, dense thick needles, the correct form of the crown, evenly spaced tiers of saturated silver - blue color. You must be interested in a variety of grades and sizes:

Spruce prickly “Glauca”

80/100cm : gr;
120/140cm : 1200 UAH;
140/150cm : gr;
200/220cm : gr;


Spruce prickly “Glauca Globosa”
80cm : gr;
50cm : GM (trunk to 40 cm);
70cm : GM (bole 60 cm)

Also a great range of other coniferous trees and shrubs from dwarf forms to large trees. More detailed list of plants and the actual prices You can find by visiting our site at the address of S. Sagaidak 101 b, on the website: or tel: 097-827-47-33