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The Russian bitumen Packed

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO "Ufanefteprodukt"
Seller:Diana Demshina
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Address:Russian Federation

The Company "Uraniferous" produces packaged bitumen since 2010.

            BND Packed in barrels.

1. 20 foot container - 74 barrel, 15,54 tn.(NET)

2. Indoor wagon - 280 barrels, 58,8 tn.(NET)

   BND packaged in a cardboard cubes

1. 20 foot container 20 tons. (NET)

2. Indoor wagon - 60 tons. (NET)

It should be noted that the price of packaged BND slightly higher, but it is worth considering that the transportation of cargo in containers and covered wagons significantly cheaper than oil tanks with a steam jacket, and also reduces the cost at the receiving end (no need to steam wagon), during storage (no need to maintain the temperature also remains of the dead rest in the car.

For shipments of Bitumen we work with the largest carriers of the Russian Federation, send our own railway the stub, and a number of leased dead ends.

+7-917-377-46-44, +7-917-804-00-85, +7(347)275-26-09 (EXT. 117)