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Copper sulphate

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There are the following fields of application of copper sulphate:

- Agriculture.

Copper is one of the essential plant micronutrients. In agriculture, the copper sulfate is used in different ways. First, it can be used as a means of protection of plants from various diseases.

In a solution of copper sulfate pickle the seeds before they are planted, so you can destroy the spores of fungi on seeds.

Secondly, copper has beneficial effects on the photosynthesis and respiration of plants, increase of resistance to fungal diseases, and increased cold hardiness.

- Metallurgical industry.

- Used in electroplating in the coating of metal products copper.


- You can find copper sulfate in animal husbandry in the form of mineral additives in animal feed.

- Used in processes shiny Nickel plating.

- Sulphate of copper(II) used as a feedstock to produce other compounds.


- Using copper sulfate can determine the humidity in the room.

   - Construction.

An aqueous solution of copper sulfate neutralize the effects of leakage, eliminate rust stains, and remove the selection of salts with various building surfaces; soaking the wood with a solution of copper sulfate, it is possible to impart flame retardant properties and to prevent rotting.

- Copper sulfate is included with mineral paints.


- In the food industry copper sulfate is often used as a food additive E519 (preservative).


Using a solution of copper sulfate can be identified manganese, zinc and magnesium in aluminum alloys, stainless steel. This method is widespread in the buying offices of non-ferrous metals.