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Precision car: permalloy, Invar, super-Invar, covar, permendur and another car Nickel containing alloys

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:250 UAH
Seller:Aleksandr Viktorovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Precision alloys: permalloy, Invar, super-Invar, covar, permendur and others.

CPlav: 79nm; NS; nm; 50N; 29nk; 32nkd; 36nhtyu; 36N; km.

Metals: Niobium. The bismuth. The antimony. The Indies. The molybdenum. The cobalt. Selenium.

The solders on the basis of: Bismuth, Indium, Tin, Antimony.

Factory Solder: POI-52, the AKP, ROSE.

Bismuth factory: VI; Vi0; VI.

Tungsten wire: VA, BP.

Indium factory all brands.

Selenium - OFS (pellet).

Wire: Chromel, Alumel, Nichrome, Wire, Tungsten.

Phone: 050-3119230; 096-7673327; (044)-5993812