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VNIINP-231, EPS-98, Benzeneamine, VNIINP-220, ALKM-1

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:PKF "Promoborudovanie"
Seller:Roman Olegovich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

High-temperature (heat-resistant) lubrication: PFS-4C, Ciatim-221, SSB-3, SSB-4, SSB-5, VNIINP-207, VNIINP-210, VNIINP-219, VNIINP-231, VNIINP-233, VNIINP-235, VNIINP-246, VNIINP-247, VNIINP-269
Low temperature (frost) lubrication: Zymol, GOI-p, Lita, Ciatim-203,
Ciatim-201, VNIINP-271
Chemically and radiation-resistant (stable in corrosive environments) lubrication: Cryogel, OKB-122-7, VNIINP-223, VNIINP-228, VNIINP-260, VNIINP-273, VNIINP-275, VNIINP-279, VNIINP-280, VNIINP-282, VNIINP-283, Ciatim-205,
VNIINP-294, VNIINP-295, VNIINP-298, Lubrication, "Amethyst" (VNIINP-284)
Lubrication of electric contact: VNIINP-242, VNIINP-248, VNIINP-502, SWAM, Lubrication ELEKTRA-1, SHA-176,
EPS-98, SCL-90, SCL-150, EPS-250
Solid layered lubrication: VNIINP-225, VNIINP-232, graphite (OSAA), Lima
Solid lubricant coatings: VNIINP-209, VNIINP - 213A(B), VNIINP-229,
Aviation lubricants: Swinton-01, Grease No. 9, ST (NC-50), "Atlanta, GA" VNIINP-254,
Sapphire VNIINP-261, "Era" VNIINP-286 M, VNIINP-281, sada
Rustproof lubricant: Vaseline HTV-1, ZES, PP 95/5, Cannon loac, Rope lubrication: Cable u, Torsion-55, Reinforcing lubrication: Bezoporny, VNIINP-291, VNIINP-292, Pump, Lubricant for threaded connections: VNIINP-263, threaded P-402, For threaded joints (P thread P-113-2 ), and vacuum Sealing lubrication: VNIINP-257, VNIINP-258, VNIINP-270, VNIINP-274, VNIINP-293, VESMA(VNIINP-509), Putty vacuum, nick, vacuum Grease, Lubricant for gas valves, Lubricant LZ-162