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Offer type: buyPublished: 28.02.2015
Company:OOO TsenrMetEksport
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Our company is interested in buying your surplus stock on black metal, stainless steel and colored, new, old and used, as well as dismantling. In particular: Pipe diameter: 8 mm -1420 mm. The circles diameter: 8 mm -600 mm Forgings for all steel grades. Sheets with thickness from 10 mm to 100 mm Also in the purchase of heat exchangers ( boilers), new and used. Alkaline batteries are used brands: iron-Nickel accumulators, TNK, NC, RP, etc... Ready to cooperate in the removal of pipes, heating pipes, pipelines, plants. Buy for recycling scrap of non-ferrous metals Produce the actual export. Buy expensive waste of tool steel ( scrap, chips) Brand: HN, HNP, HN, HNM, HNM, X17, HT, X13, HSM, HN, HM, HMPS, P9, R, R18, R6M5, RMK. Just scrap titanium, zirconium ( without niobium) The heat exchangers new and used tubular copper, brass, CuNi, Stainless steel, black. Buy tubular heat exchangers-n/W, copper, brass, CuNi, titanium Constantly buy new and used heat exchangers, refrigeration equipment, complete with pipes made of copper, brass, CuNi. n/W Buy pipe brass, CuNi, stainless both new and used. Possible our dismantling and pickup.