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welded wire mesh. mesh masonry. the plaster mesh. mesh for reinforcement, nails

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Produce welded mesh masonry (nets, anchor) Welded plaster, kanilirovannoy (hard-corrugated), Grid Reinforcement, road. Range: Mesh construction 1.1 masonry grid ( nets ) 1.2 welded Mesh plaster 1.3 Mesh woven (plaster) 1.4 Mesh expanded metal ( plastering ) Mesh fence 2.1 Mesh Netting 2.2 2.2 Mesh kanilirovannaya (hard-corrugated) Fasteners 3.1 Nails 3.2 construction roofing Nails 3.3 Nails slate 3.4 Bolts and nuts Equipment for welding 4.1 electrodes 4.2 wire for welding Wire 5.1 Wire VR-1 5.2 Wire OK (est. and black) 5.3 Wire tie (thermotoga) 5.4 barbed Wire Abrasives 6.1 circles for cutting metal 6.1.1 circles with diamond coating Construction tool other products for construction Kyiv, It is possible to produce grids with non-standard size of the cell or worksheet. A flexible system of discounts. 044-222-82-31, 098-888-34-35