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Reagent for mobile toilet cabins "anti-ice"

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Consists of biologically-degradable components.Does not irritate the skin and mucosa.
The onset temperature of crystallization of the liquid - -20
Purpose: Prevention of freezing and deodorization of the contents of accumulator tank in a mobile toilet cabins.
The tool allows you to remove the waste in liquid form or in the form of chips at temperatures up to-30°. Eliminates odor, color masks waste.

Composition: Special purpose additives, a surfactant, a solution of calcium chloride, an aromatic composition.
Does not contain formaldehyde, methyl alcohol, ethylene glycol! The coefficient of adhesion is fully consistent with GOST R 50597-93 and GOST 30413-96.
The effect on the environment
The fluid is environmentally safe, biodegradable components.

A means to store in a tightly closed container manufacturer at temperatures below minus 30 ° C in places inaccessible to children. Warranty period of storage means 1 year.
Release form
Ready-to-use solution.
Cans of 10 litres.

Recommended consumption norms fill the tanks with a nonfreezing liquid:
0..-5 /(Tank 250l)-5 l/ (Tank 300L)-7D/
-5..-10/(250hp)-6-9hp/ (300)-8-11hp/
-10 to -15/(250hp)-10-20L./ (300)-12-l/
below -18/(250)-Jaleel./ (300)-baleal/

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