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Sell seeds of grain sorghum Prime F1

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Seller:Mark, Roman
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv
Hybrid grain sorghum Prime F1 Prime (F1) Grain sorghum Ultra early hybrid for cultivation throughout the territory of Ukraine There is no tannin in the grain Independence from the dry conditions climatici Stable demand on the world market Low cost for growing Packing: paper bags of 20 kg Fraction seeds: 3,5-4,5 mm Seed treatment: the fungicide Maxim XL, antidote Concept III (application of soil herbicides Primextra gold and Dual gold). Direction of use: fodder for cattle, pigs, poultry, fish, raw materials for the production of ethanol, starch and so on. Morphological features: the stem height of 100-110 cm; the coefficient of tillering: the average is 2, maximum is 3; the sheets are not wide, light green color, may have brown spots; panicle loose, leg high; grain is light brown in color, without tannin. Developmental biology: the period from germination to flowering 50-55 days; the vegetation period of 100-110 days; the hybrid is resistant to smut, Helminthosporium, plesnevelae grain condition. Technological features: recommended row spacing 45-70 cm; the optimum seeding rate of 180,000 seeds per 1 ha, or 6.3 kg/ha (when the weight of 1000 seeds 35 g); supernanny hybrid that can do it on the whole territory of Ukraine in late - June. Yield:potential 110 kg/ha; the average in Ukraine 51-69 kg/ha Grain quality:protein - 11,3; the starch content 64-74,6% fat and 3.3 %; tannin - no.