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The corn for popcorn

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:OOO 'Tehnika Dnepr'
Seller:Ol'ga Kruglyakova
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Grain for popcorn Vogel (USA). Grain for popcorn PopAr (Argentina). Kokosovoe oil for popcorn (Malaysia). Special flavors for popcorn: sweet (a wide range of tastes) Gold Medal(USA),spicy cheese, bacon Etol (Slovenia) and Lucta(Spain). Caramel mixture for the production of caramelized popcorn Treats Corn, Gold Medal (USA). As well as packaging for popcorn paper glasses with advertisement to the new Prime Minister and famous movie stars. We are a leading company in Ukraine in the field of complex equipment, raw materials, packing for cooking popcorn, Nachos, cotton candy. We offer products of world leaders and a range of the most popular products of the highest quality and materials to increase sales. We are suppliers of most major manufacturers. Everything you need for popcorn, cotton candy and Nachos at the best price In Ukraine.