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Pike ROE New perch Perch Pollock Roach dried Canned

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:Rus Fish Kartas Moreprodukt
Seller:Starikov Oleg Borisovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
The shelf life of 15 months, RMS 112 gr.1/36 pcs. box.
BLACK caviar (Pike) "TOSPISKA" With taste and color Sturgeon (Blugia, stellate sturgeon) Caviar
Caviar HALIBUT BLACK: TM "North", "cartas-Seafood" 100 gr. RMS , 100, 250,500, 1000 gr. P/S Weight 25 grams.
Caviar Red, Salmon fish species (Chum salmon,Garbousova,Sockeye salmon,Trout) plant LLC "monsoon" , O. Sakhalin , , Poronaisk Str. 40 let VLKSM, GOST and TU( ASTIC). W/B. and Glass,Brand: "Rus fish", "cartas Seafood", "monsoon", "Dolinka. J. B.,Glass, Plastic, manufacturing Services STM and "flattening" of caviar.
CAVIAR Fishes : Withodak,Aboutkun
(On order: Carp, Carp, Catfish, Sopa, Bream, Rudd,Carp,tench and so on)
EGGS Cod :
(On Order: MacRory, Whitefish, Halibut, sea pike, haddock, saithe, capelin, limonene, and so on)
The Cod ROE . ( with key ) 130 gr. GOST and TU, HUNDRED; LLC "Company cartas-Seafood" , Moscow , Poronaysk , O. Sakhalin , LLC "monsoon",
TM "ToArthas Mreproduct" alwayswith fresh dates of manufacture.
The storage time of 12 months. 130/120 gr. J. B.( with key ).At t* -4 -6*.
CAVIAR /Fish/ dried: Pollock,Cod,(dried ROE, on the substrate or In/In ) Rudd, Bream, Perch, silver bream, Sopa, Pike, Roach Bumps. cor. 4 and 9 kg GOST, production of Astrakhan.
+ Wide range of Fish Conservation: Liver and ROE Pollock,Meats,Salmon,Mackerel,Tuna,Pollock,Mackerel,Saury,Anchovy,Sculpins,Squid, Crabs Sprats, C/C, t/sauce, Caviar, Seaweed, Preserves and so on
Shipment, from Moscow, St. Petersburg.Free transportation to the place of loading, Agreement, program, promotion, etc. etc.

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Commercial Director
Rus fish +"
in Astrakhan,O. Sakhalin, Poronaysk,G. S. St. Petersburg, Moscow.)
Old Oleg Borisovich
(499) 726-50-65,85.
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