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Steel 09G2S is the best choice for weldments!

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:Torgovyij Dom "SpetsStal'Trejd"
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As you know, not all steels are suitable for welding and related production. Many kinds of this metal have either limited weldability, requiring the creation of additional conditions, or similar procedures are not used. 09G2S steel is a common choice for any production that uses a process such as welding. To acquire the best sheet metal of this material at the most competitive prices, you can in the company "Spetsstalej".

Features steel 09G2S

Marking this metal stands for is quite simple. The digits 09 indicate low carbon content in the steel (0.09%), the letter G indicates the presence of manganese, and figure 2 is that there must be about 2%, With the designation, in this case, indicates the presence of less than 1% of silicon. Overall, this steel belongs to the class of low-alloyed, but has a considerable amount of various chemical substances, in particular:

  • Carbon up to 0.12%
  • Silicon up to 0.8%
  • Manganese up to 2%
  • Nickel, chromium and copper up to 0.3%
  • Nitrogen, up to 0.008%
  • Arsenic – up to 0.08%.
With regard to such harmful elements as sulphur and phosphorus, steel 09G2S allows them a relatively small amount. Thus, the content of the first substance can reach 0.04%, and the maximum concentration of the second is at the level of 0.035%.

This metal has excellent weldability, which has no restrictions, regardless of the method used. Also to the positive features of steel 09G2S is the susceptibility to the formation of internal cracks and a tendency not to temper embrittlement. Metal transfer temperature difference, so that can be used to produce parts operating in the range from -70 to +425 degrees Celsius.

The company "Spetsstalej" offers everyone the metal of 09G2S steel at the most favorable prices. Our company carries products from manufacturers, whose name is associated worldwide with top quality. Order metal in our company is simple: you just have to choose the brand and the number of sheets that you wish to purchase, then make payment and wait for transport goods at a specified point. To ascertain the quality of the metal, to help guide standards, which you will also find on our website. "Spetsstalej" is committed to the success of your business!