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Our services help you reach your business objectives in Russia and Eastern Europe

Offer type: servicesPublished: 19.02.2008

Z Group
Our services help you reach your business objectives in Russia and Eastern Europe and simultaneously minimize the risks and optimize the results.
In short
Z Group is a trade and investments consulting company based in Finland and with an office in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Within our reach are the markets of Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.
Our services are aimed to two broad categories of customers: exporters and investors.
To exporters: we may help you with 1) learning the business landscape of your future market 2) finding your partners / clients in the target market 3) building a competitive offer that matches the expectations of the local customers and 4) perform in the role of your sales office in Russia;
To investors: we support your decision making with market analysis, feasibility studies and business intelligence of different types.
Are we good? It should be for our clients to answer this question.
We will see to your needs, draw together a list of what is needed to be done and then do it according to the settled timeframe. Pragmatism and practicality is what we value most. Because we know that at the end of the day it is not just a high profile report that you need but sales generated and financial revenues.
Any question or request shall be treated confidentially.
We answer all requests within 72 hours.

Seller:Andreev Gennady Andreevich
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Address:Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Leningradskaya Oblast'