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Manufacturer and supplier of bar grating and perforated sheet

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:ZAO "Stal'prom"
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Address:Russian Federation, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Nizhny Novgorod

Metal and plastic slatted flooring currently have become extremely popular and in demand. This is primarily due to their excellent performance characteristics that achieved not only by materials used in the manufacture of standard decks, but also the lattice structure of the product. These two factors predetermined the huge demand for this product, as it can be used in absolutely all spheres of human activity.

Due to a special need in this construction the material most people are wondering about where you can buy slatted flooring in Moscow, which will meet all the necessary requirements that are set down for this product. The answer is, because it's easily possible to buy in our company “stalprom” that not only sells, but also produces his own grating made of plastic or metal. In addition we can offer perforated sheets, racks, profiled grilles and a variety of metal products. There are many factors that make our company the best:

  1. We are the manufacturer of all the products offered, which excludes the possibility of purchasing one of the products at a higher price or not of appropriate quality. All our products are available high quality and 100%;
  2. We have high-tech equipment and highly skilled staff that enables them to produce products that meet all international standards;
  3. Only we are able to produce not standard lattice or perforated products according to the drawings and sketches of each customer;
  4. Through our model building materials was modernized and transformed a huge number of manufacturing and construction facilities.

All this makes us leaders in the production and sale of really high-quality perforated sheets, lattice decking, shelving and metal. So now everyone knows that for this product you must contact our company “stalprom”, which will efficiently satisfy the desires of each client.