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Russian-Azerbaijan Scientific and Industrial Technopark

Offer type: servicesPublished: 11.02.2006

Dear mr.President! Our company propose create in Azerbaijan Russian-Azerbaijan Scientific and Industrial Technopark.Philosophy of our project consists in foundation scientific , industrial , cultural and sports , supplying modern information high-tech discovery centre.Azerbaijan and Russian businessmen will bring opportunity for closely and non-stop joint scientifical and industrial partnership.Also in this Technopark we will provide perspective projects for Azerbaijan population in entertainment format,for example,providing fair and testing services for Russian and Azerbaijan production goods.In contest of Azerbaijan-Russian Sports relationship we will plan install big Vision Monitor for Football,world sportive series and events broadcasting. in accordance of business-plan we will create big Russian-Azerbaijan Business Database,Virtual Library and Academy for Economical Development.We have opportunity propose our complex as scene for big theatral and music show events.At our side we propose found new Technopark complex in our Fair and Trade Center near to Azadlik prospect / 8mkr.This project its new word between Azerbaijan-russian Business and Cultural exchange.At your side we pleased support our idea and promote our activities.We appreciate your efforts and activities very highly for Russian and Azerbaijan industrial and cultural development renovation.With respect,Akbarov Rovshan-President of Rovshan-Babek MMC.

Seller:Akbarov Rovshan
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Address:Republic of Azerbaijan