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Choosing a sweater for a girl

Offer type: salePublished: 02.02.2022
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It's hard to imagine life without sweaters and sweatshirts - people are so used to these things. In addition to the main purpose - heat preservation - sweaters also serve to create a certain style. Due to the variety of types and styles, you can choose your own style: from business to sports, casual. It is difficult to choose clothes for girls over 4-5 years old, because they begin to form their own style. Children look at how other guys are dressed in the garden and want to look no worse than them.

You need to choose a jacket according to several basic criteria, knowing which you will not have to regret buying. Make accurate measurements on the back, shoulders and girth of the shoulders, chest of the girl, then go shopping.

Criteria for choosing a sweater for a girl

When choosing clothes for a child, you need to pay attention to a lot of details that an adult may not even think about when buying clothes for himself. Children need to be given the best, which is why the choice of jackets should be conscious. Sweatshirts for girls there are many different styles, with a variety of decorations and can be the most unexpected colors. In order not to get lost among the diversity, rely on the basic criteria:

  1. Dimensions - it is possible and oversize. If it is recommended not to buy in shoes and pants for growth, then things are much easier with sweatshirts. Oversize is in fashion now, and if you choose the style correctly, then a large jacket will look good on a girl. The main thing is that too long sleeves do not interfere with movement.
  2. Materials. Depending on the season, different materials are selected. For any occasion, parents take clothes with a minimum content of synthetics, since delicate children's skin can unexpectedly react to it. To avoid allergic reactions, check the composition of all things, even knitted ones. Good materials: wool, mohair, cashmere, knitwear and acrylic.
  3. Appearance. There are many types of cut jackets - these are jumpers, raglans, hoodies, hoodies, bombers, knitted sweaters, sweatshirts, turtlenecks. Each model will look good on a girl if you choose the right size and color.

Fashion is changeable, therefore, in order for the child to remain in the trend, it is necessary to monitor them independently, and listen to the girl's opinions. Prints with flowers have been and will be in fashion for a long time, and in winter you can safely choose a jacket with snowflakes and deer. When fitting, make sure that the girl's complexion does not fade and looks fresh, it depends on the right color for the color type of appearance.

Types of children's jackets

Each type is different from the previous one, and to be aware of all the names and differences, you need to remember simple things:

  • A jacket is most often a form-fitting garment with a zipper in the form of buttons or zippers from bottom to top, with a round neck.
  • A sweater - it must have a high throat, it can be both loose and fitted.
  • Raglan - fitted, with a round neck. In fashion, models with sleeves that differ in color from the raglan base.
  • The sweatshirt is a round neck and sits slightly loosely on the child, while it has elastic bands on the sleeves and at the bottom.
  • A hoodie is the same thing with a hood and one large through pocket in the middle.

By understanding the main types of cut, you can quickly find the right clothes even in an online store, filtering by the names of what you need to view.