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The motor is three phase at 380V air from 0.18 kW to 315 kW

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.10.2020
Price:750 UAH
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Address:Khersons'ka Oblast', Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine
Asynchronous motor phase air easy to repair and maintenance. He works from a three-phase network and with good efficiency. There are different modifications of electric motors, for example, for operation in an aggressive environment or in a particular climatic zone.

Three-phase asynchronous motor 380 volt air can operate in continuous cycle. It could be the drive unit of conveyor or a conveyor. The motor will be fine to withstand even severe stress. If necessary it is easy to find the parts that are also available on our website

Should different models of asynchronous motor phase to buy because almost everyone there is an optimal ratio quality – price. These motors are excellent performance, making the cost of equipment will pay off quickly.

Before you buy three-phase asynchronous motor of air, determine how much power you need. Please note that we need a reserve in case, when there is the peak or shock load (consider the loss). Note the torque. Usually you can quickly choose the right model of electric motor even out of the standard range.

Browse the catalog on our website to consider as many options as possible of those who are in the online store Electric. We have a large selection of products from manufacturers you can choose from Chinese, Belarusian, Ukrainian or Romanian electric motors. Instock Elektro PLYUS, OOO in Ukraine, wholesale and retail at an affordable price. Examine the main characteristics of the equipment, and then determine how they match the required settings. If you have difficulty, please call the phone number listed on the site. We will help you to decide and place your order.

On our website you will find many different devices and also spare parts to them. Select option based on power, rpm, installation versions, and other characteristics. If you want three-phase asynchronous motor to buy, but you still have questions, please contact us. The Manager will advise you and help you place your order.