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Powerful Paint Machine, Wagner Finish-211

Offer type: salePublished: 20.01.2020
Price:42 000 UAH
Company:TOV Metasnab
Seller:Shulyatitskij Aleksandr
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Airless Paint spray high pressure Unit 211 Wagner Finish — 6.5 l/min 240 bar, nozzle 0,031" (0,79 mm), 2.0 kW, 380V — for coating, fireproofing, waterproofing materials with conventional viscosity up to 300 C. by viscometer VZ-246-4 with a particle size of solid particles up to 0.14 mm.

Powerful Paint Machine, Wagner Finish-211

Wagner Finish 211 — paint machine airless spraying with membrane (diaphragm) pump.

Perfect for spraying shear-sensitive materials, such as UV varnishes and paints (materials UV-hardening) or some 2-component materials (see their specification).

Diaphragm Paint spray Unit Wagner Finish 211 is used for applying coating compositions (coating materials) water-based and solvent-based.

Manufacturer: Vilnius plant of construction and finishing machines (SOM Vilnius), Lithuania.

Condition: New - surplus stock — this apparatus, which produced over 3 years ago, but was not used. Release year, e.g. 1993 or 2011. We perform re-entry, pre-training and trial run, the supplier's warranty of 12 months.


Professional Membrane The Coating Unit 211 Wagner Finish

Wagner Finish-211 is camera professional level for commercial and industrial use.


The pressure control apparatus Wagner Finish-211

No electronics: Mechanical pressure regulation system (the pressure regulator).


Technical characteristics of the unit Wagner Finish-211
  • Drive motor: 2.0 kW, 380V
  • Motor type: explosion-proof MCP100-LA-4.
  • Current nominal, not more than: 5,0 A.
  • Rated frequency: 50 Hz.
  • Type of current: 3-phase.
  • Rated voltage: 380 volts.
  • Rated motor power, maximum: 2.0 kW.
  • Shaft speed: 1410 rpm.


Maximum nozzle size: 0,031" and 2×0,026"

The maximum size of the nozzle at the work of one painter (one post) — 0,031" (0,79 mm). Simultaneous work of two painters working on two posts — the maximum size of the nozzles 2×0,026" (2×0.66 mm).


The performance and pressure diaphragm pump

The maximum injection pressure LKM — 24 MPa (240 bar).

The performance of the diaphragm pump without backpressure — 6.5 l/min.

Discharge pressure and pump flow (water) to the nozzle 0,031" (0,79 mm) up to 15.7 MPa (160 bar) and not less than 4.3 l/min.


Supplied — assembled-and-play

Unit paint Finish 211 Assembly.
High pressure hose of 10 meters.
Gun paint VD with solodization and nozzle (optional) type ТТ2, ТТ3.
Suction system with a filter.
Passport and instruction manual.

The package is not a dogma. For an additional fee we shall complete unit to work on two posts or any other accessories and/or spare parts. Spare parts and accessories always in stock.


Warranty and post-warranty service

Repair of any complexity, both under warranty and after expiration of the such. Any manufacturer and from any provider.