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purchase Cation exchanger ku-2-8 BU or storage

Offer type: salePublished: 11.01.2020
Price:35 000 RUR
Seller:Ivan Igorevich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Buy with storage, nelekvid with TPP, TPP, Boiler houses, as well as with the state reserve: 1) Cation exchange resin ku-2-8 2) the Anion exchanger an-31, AV-17-8 and other 3) Sulfonated coal SK-1 BAU, DUCK, AG-3 4) Activated carbon 5) Silica gel GRADE indicator 6) Epoxy resin ED-20 7) Purolite C100 8) as well As imported resin Dowex, Amberlite 9) Caustic Soda Sodium Hydroxide 10) Antifreeze,ethylene Glycol,MEG,and other Buy BU or unclaimed cation exchange resin anion exchange resin and sulfonated analogues of imported resins including other brands of coals! Sulfonated SK-1, SK-2, Cation allow your quake 2-8, Anion exchange resin AV-17-8ЧС, the Anion exchanger an-31, Purolite With 100. Samovyvoz from all regions of Russia. At an accelerated pace. all work-handling, provide yourself., payment cash/Bank transfer. Work with professionals We work throughout Russia. Buy with water utilities with water treatment plants waste cation exchange resin, anion exchange resin and sulfonated coal and other brands of coals! Unload Yourself of the filters that would not spoil the material.