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Hatching quail eggs for broodstock.

Offer type: salePublished: 14.12.2019
Price:4 UAH
Seller:Novikov Sergej
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Address:Odessa oblast', Odesa, Ukraine
Hatching quail eggs for broodstock.

We sell quail hatching eggs for broodstock.
What is the difference between the normal hatching eggs and eggs for broodstock???
Normal hatching egg for broiler quails has a weight of from 12 to 16 grams, the weight daily these starts from 7 grams.
For uterine (parent) flocks of quail select egg weighing only 15.8 - 16.7 grams, daily weight of these starts from the 12 grams and the herd turns out very smooth.
There are eggs hatching quail three breeds - Golden Phoenix France, Spain Pharaoh, White Texan.

Quality characteristics of broiler quails
✫ High gain;
✫ The average size of eggs large (15 grams);
✫ Big bird (from 250-380 grams);
✫ The low cost of meat quails;
✫ The rapid growth of juveniles, low mortality.
✫ High hatchability, 80%;
✫ Good feed conversion in comparison with other breeds of quail!
✫ Record of eggs hatching, tel: (063) 46-80-593.
✫ Our website
✫ Weight of hatching eggs for broodstock strictly of 15.8 - 16.7 grams.
✫ All the eggs are weighed on electronic scales jewelry.

Price incubation quail eggs for broodstock:
✫ Eggs incubation Pharaoh (line of Spain) to 4.0 UAH for 1 piece.
✫ Eggs Golden Phoenix broiler (France) - 4,5 UAH for 1 piece.
✫ Eggs hatching White Texan (line USA) - 5 UAH per 1 PCs.

Eggs for incubation are selected the correct form, with a smooth surface and correct pigmentation.
Eggs are selected from one to three days (depends on order quantity), calibrated, Packed, and dispatched to the customer throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Update rock ("blood") perform an average of every 6 months. eggs for incubation broodstock purchase only Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Bulgaria) and the USA (state of Texas). For one the updates are delivered six new lines. To update the parent population, which gives hatching eggs, select only the best individuals (around 30 - 40% of the individuals from new imported lines).

The parent flock of quails breed has the following characteristics:
The minimum allowable weight for females ― 400 grams at 60 days of age. (the average weight of females in maternal herds of 400 ― 550 grams);
The minimum allowable weight for the males ― 360 grams at 60 days of age. (average weight of males of the parent flock 380 ― 450 grams);
Maternal herd at a ratio of 1 male to 3 females .

Quality characteristics of quails:
Egg production: from 220 to 300 eggs per year;
Egg weight: 13 ― 28 g;
Feed intake: 35-40 gr./day;
The female's weight (60 days): 400 ― 550 grams;
Weight of male (60 days): 380 ― 430 gr.

The size of the population of the kennel allow for selection of hatching eggs not older than 3 calendar days. Oplog eggs is 93-97%.

Packing hatching eggs:
To transport the eggs put in plastic trays, then pack in a cardboard box. Each layer of eggs sprinkled with sawdust, this method of packaging ensures the safety of the eggs during shipment. Also the paid quantity, we put 5 to 10% of hatching eggs to compensation for possible combat.
In winter to prevent hypothermia all the boxes are insulated in foam and wrapped with stretch film.

Shipping all Ukraine:
In the regions of Ukraine sent the following carriers: New Mail, Intime, Delivery, Autolux. The delivery time is usually 1-3 days;

Payment is prepaid by money transfer on the Private Bank or cash with a Deposit of 50% of the order value. (Insurance, if You do not collect the parcel). or when getting in Odessa.

Work weekends, orders are accepted from 8.00 to 22.00 every day.
Write, call, none of Your request will not remain without attention!