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Offer type: salePublished: 15.01.2019
Company:TD Ukrelektro
Seller:Surkov Denis Vladimirovich
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The application of disconnectors RD-35/1000 35/1000 and the AGB:the symbol of the disconnectors RD and RDZ :design Features:Technical characteristics of the disconnectors RD-AGB and 35/1000 35/1000:Disconnector for outdoor installation series RD-35/1000 and AGB-35/1000

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Disconnectors of external installation of RD and AGB at 35 kV are used for switching energized sites of an electric network of voltage class up to 35 kV. It is also used for earthing disconnected sections with the help of a stationary earth.

AGB-1-UHL1 35/1000
R – disconnector;
D – dvuhkolonchataja;
S – availability of earthing switches;
1, 2 – a designation of quantity of earthing;
35 – nominal voltage, kV;
B – reinforced insulation category B according GOST 9920 (normal execution there is no index);
1000, 2000 – nominal current, a;
UHL1 – climate design.


The design of the disconnectors RD and RDZ consists of separate poles, which, depending on requirements, can be used in single-pole, double-pole or three-pole installations. Disconnectors with voltage class 35 kV with nominal current 1000 a can be installed on a vertical plane.

Design polyusya disconnector made in the form dvuhkletevogo device with the rotation of the contact blades in the horizontal plane and consists of a base, columns, insulation, live parts, and grounding. The contact blades of the disconnector for 1000 And made of two copper bars running parallel and installed on an edge, one end of which is connected by flexible connections with the contact terminal and the other end formed for detachable contact.

The grounding device is a disconnector earthing switches, permanently installed on the base of disconnector fixed contact, mounted on the main contact knife. The main parts of the disconnecting switch is made of ferrous metals, and treated anti-corrosion coating of hot zinc.

The name parametrizations. the voltage кВ35Макс. operating voltage, кВ40,5Номинальный current, A1000, 2000Количество заземлителей0,1,2 Weight, kg 58


Depending on customer requirements, the package can be driven as manual PR-10, PRN-10, PR 05-2B, 06 PR-2B, PR 180/180Л, PR 180/180ЛП, the PSG 05-2B, and motor PD-01 with the control unit.

Options and marking of the disconnectors RD and AGB at 35 kV:
Disconnector RDZ-1-UHL1 35/1000
Disconnector RDZ-1-35B/1000 UHL1
Disconnector RDZ-2-35/1000 UHL1
Disconnector RDZ-2-35B/1000 UHL1
Disconnector RDZ-1-35B/2000 UHL1
Disconnector RDZ-2-35/2000 UHL1
Disconnector RDZ-2-35B/2000 UHL1

Osnovnaya proizvoditelnosti полюсов3 (PCs)thermal Current 16.0 (kA)rated peak withstand Current 40.0 (kA)Напряжение35.0 (kV)Maximum operating напряжение45.5 (kV)Rhode ustanovlyuvalysya износостойкость2000 (cycles)mounting Method ГоризонтальныйМасса100.0 (kg)
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  • Price: from 25 to 200 UAH.
  • Supply ability: 100pcs/month
  • Method of packing: the Isolator is fixed on a wooden pallet and strapped to a wooden frame.