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Pump submersible fecal NPF-100

Offer type: salePublished: 01.02.2018
Company:OOO "RUTEKS"
Seller:Vovkanets Sergej Bogdanovich
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Pump submersible fecal NPF-100 is an advanced the pump model of NCI-f-100 .

This centrifugal submersible pump impeller semi-open type and are driven by electromotor's. Grinding device - knife of a two-stage type. Method of mixing - mechanical (screw) or hydromechanical (optional stream of liquid from the nozzle). The device is capable of grinding coarse particles manure and mix the wastewater in the pits.

Produced in our the company pump NPF-100 carried out strengthening by carbonitrile , cutting edge knife , counter knife , as well as screw mixers thereby increasing the lifetime pump's.

Standard included pump with stopper without electromotor's.

Optional have the ability to make equipment pump : spare parts , motor ,winch , remote control and pressure sleeve

Pump designed for pumping:

• manure (feces) by pipeline in slurry store or to pump in means of transport;

• shredding of large fractions of the manure and mixing in the pits;

• slurries (mixture of non aggressive liquids with hydrogen index pH=6...10 in feces, sand, slag and . );
• domestic and industrial wastewater, including biological structures wastewater treatment;

Characteristics of the pumped medium:

  • density hydraulic oil up to 1250 kg/cu. m

  • Temperature from +5C to +40 With

  • content solid particles not more than 14 %

  • max the size of solid particles not more than 2 mm

Characteristics of the pumped manure:

  • Humidity manure (the content of straw impurities and feed residues in length more 20cm and a thickness of not more than 1 cm should be less than 10% of the volume) .;

  • Size inclusions after grinding is not more than 15mm.

Supply   up to 100 m3/h

Pressure (at zero flow) 8-10 m

Depth of discharge 3 m

Motor power  11 kW

Speed  970 rpm

Pipe diameter pressure 100 mm

Flow parts material grey cast iron 

Overall dimensions  1050х550х4155 mm

The mass of the pump , no more 370 kg