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Automatic line for production of welded mesh panels fences

Offer type: salePublished: 30.01.2018
Company:WELD tehnologiya svarki, OOO
Seller:Kopel' Anna
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Address:Poland, Warsaw

The proposed line is designed for production of panels of fencing type 2D (direct) wire diameter 6 — 5 — 6 mm or 8 — 6 — 8 mm panels type 3D gives stiffness of the bends of the wire diameter from 3.5 to 5 mm. the Line is fit to work in the system of welding rods, cut to length, fitted mechanisms for automatic feed of longitudinal and transverse rods, and press for bending ribs. The line - automated, her work is carried out in a continuous automatic mode.

Technical characteristic:

1. Diameters welded longitudinal rods is 3.5 - 6 mm

2. Diameters welded transverse rods and a 3.5 - 8 mm

3. The distance between the vertical rods 50, 50 and 75* mm

4. The distance between the horizontal rods 50 - 200 mm

5. Width of the welded panels, 2500 mm or 3000 mm

6. The height of the welded panels - 800 - 2530 mm

7. Performance - up to 80 ** PCs/1H

8. Performance in the accelerated option - up to 120** PCs/1H.

9. Occupied surface 13 m x 4 m

10. Weight – 6500 kg approx.

* - distance can be other e .

** - this parameter depends on the selected option run a line diameter of welded rods and available electricity.

Depending on the destination, let us use the different solutions. Line designed for the production of mesh panels fences or other lattices constructed from thick wire-based welding straightened and cut to length bar. Bars can be prepared off-line and loaded manually, or unable to stand up straight, cut and to be involved in the welding process automatically.

The line, designed for welding reinforcing mesh, or other mesh composed of thin wires, adapted to work in the system of continuous welding and cutting to size. In this case the longitudinal wires are unwound from the coils and straighten during operation of the line.

tel: (+48)503989987