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Towel radiators radiatori Terma ZigZag

Offer type: salePublished: 30.01.2018
Seller:Spurza Viktoriya Romanivna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Electric heated towel rail Terma Zigzag is unusual, controversial model. On the one hand, strict and graphic, on the other hand is fun. Clear smooth rectangle of the outer frame, and inside at different angles play and frolic zigzags internal jumpers. Width at the design of the radiator Terma Zigzag 50 cm, standard. Six sizes of towel rail Zigzag, the most popular of which are the Terma Zigzag 835 x 500 mm, Terma Zigzag 1070 x 500 mm and Terma Zigzag 1310 x 500 mm. the Perception model Zigzag Terma is strongly dependent on color. Basic Terma Zigzag Metallic Black — very interesting, "player" color, but not suitable to any interior space. Terma Zigzag white (RAL 9016) - almost a win-win option that will fit into any bathroom. To design the radiator Terma Zigzag fit the square form of the control units KTX 4, Terma also Zigzag you can buy with integrated heating element One Terma – Terma models One Zigzag heating element will look like a natural extension of the outer frame of the heater, and the wire will be hidden in one of the mounts.