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sell spare parts for locomotives

Offer type: salePublished: 30.01.2018
Price:10 000 000 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Voronezhskaya Oblast', Voronezh
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Compensate 1990.01.20.035 Reducer 2te10l.70.95.002 Reducer 2тэ10в.85.08.007 Reducer 2тэ10в.85.23.006 Reducer 2te10l.85.15.005 Reducer M62.85.15.003 Reducer 2139.85.08.000 Shaft 2139.70.90.011 Shaft 2139.85.08.011 Gear D100.08.003 / 004 is Gear 2te10l.85.23.121/132 Gear 2te10l.70.95.110/145 Gear 2te10l.85.15.145/233 Gear 2139.85.08.115/108 Шестерня2139.85.08.122/123 Products in stock and on order, more information at htpp//