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A set of diagnostic portable KEY 13924Ф

Offer type: salePublished: 28.01.2018
Price:2 600 UAH
Seller:Lantrat Aleksandr
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A set of diagnostic portable KEY 13924Ф intended to diagnose tractors, and also for diagnosing equipment.
The instrument includes about 14 devices, namely,:
2.A device for determining the magnitude of clearances KI-9918
3.Momentsof KEY 4941
4.The device measuring IMD-CM
5. Protractor KI-13926
6.Tool for checking belt tension KI-13951
7.Densitometer KI-13918
8.Line-the directory ORG-13934
9.A device for testing injectors and petitioner pairs of the fuel pump. KEY 16301А