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Offer type: salePublished: 27.01.2018
Company:TK Lider Grupp
Seller:LiderGrupp Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

The company TK the leader of the Group offers high-voltage disconnectors own production.

Our company produces several series disconnectors, which differ from the nominal voltage and type of installation. In the list of products we disconnectors include a disconnector of external and internal systems with voltages from 10 kV to 330 kV.

Disconnectors of external installation:

TWO-10/400, TWO-10/630, RLNDZ-10/400, RLNDZ-10/630, TWO-1-10/400, TWO-1-10/630, TWO-2-10/400,

TWO-2-10/630, RLN-20/400, RLS-20/400, AGB-1-35/1000, AGB-1-35/2000, AGB-1-35/3150, AGB-2-35/1000, AGB-2-35/2000,

AGB-2-35/3150, AGB-1-110/1000, AGB-1-110/2000, AGB-1-110/3150, AGB-2-110/1000, AGB-2-110/2000, AGB-2-110/3150,

AGB-1-150/1000, AGB-1-150/2000, AGB-1-150/3150, AGB-2-150/1000, AGB-2-150/2000, AGB-2-150/3150,

Disconnectors internal installation:

RZ-10/400, RV-10/630, RV-10/1000, RV-10/1600, RVZ-10/400, RVZ-10/630, RVZ-10/1000, EEO-10/1600, RVF-10/400,

RVF-10/630, RVF-10/1000, RVF-10/1600, RVFS-10/400, RVFS-10/630, RVFS-10/1000, RVFS-10/1600, RVO-10/400,

RVO-10/630, VNA-10/400, VNA-10/630, VNA-10/400-s VNA-10/630-z, VNA-10/630-2B, BHA-10/400-2B,]-10/630-z,