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FDB 50 MB edge banding machine on wood FDB Maschinen MB 50 engine Mashinen

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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

FDB Maschinen MB 50 edge banding machine is used for veneering straight and curved edges of furniture boards and workpieces made of fiber (MDF) and particle Board (chipboard) materials and natural wood, natural or synthetic band-roll materials. The bonding is performed in the manual feed of the workpiece.

PCB guides desktop eliminates damage lined front surface of the workpiece while moving for applying edging material.

Features of edge banding FDB Maschinen MB 50:

  • Edge banding machine MV-50 with manual feed of the workpiece is equipped with two gluing rollers: single shaft is designed for gluing hot melt on edging material, the other shaft for applying the adhesive melt to the edge of the workpiece.
  • Machines MV-50 is equipped with a mechanism for end trimming rolled material and an automatic thermostat-heating the adhesive.
  • Can be used as a roll-to-roll and strip material.
  • The machine is designed for veneering straight and curved edges of furniture panels.

Specifications FDB Maschinen MB 50:

Width of edge banding tape, mm

15 – 50

The thickness of edge banding tape, mm

0,3 – 5

The minimum radius of curvature of the workpiece, mm


The speed of the feed edge banding tape, m/min

1 - 15

Feed motor 380 V, 50 Hz, kW


The power of the heating elements, number of*kW


Air pressure, MPa


Overall dimensions L*W*h, mm


Net weight, kg

One hundred five

On all machines extend warranties for a period of 1 year. Provide services for warranty and post-warranty service.

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