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Seeds of spring rape Reads (RS)

Offer type: salePublished: 07.12.2020
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana, Parkovskij Aleksandr
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Spring rape Reads(roundup)
The variety is early maturing (85-90 days).

Resistant to glifosato (the application rate of Roundup or similar to 4 liters). NON-GMO

Rods – resistant to shattering, lodging, drought, high vigour seed, which is especially important for the Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine, vysokaye.

Seed rate is 5-6 kg/ha.

Resistance of varieties and hybrids that are used for this production system were obtained by the traditional method of breeding without using genetic engineering. Thus, varieties and hybrids resistant to herbicides is not transgenic and not considered as a product of genetic engineering.

Biological peculiarities.Height 155 cm, resistant to lodging 8, 8 points, sprinkled, 8, 5 score, drought 8, 8 points. The scope of the disease 2, 1%, 4 blight, 8%. Damage Christina Blau 10%, the pollen beetle 12%.The yield and quality of grain. Oil content – 48, 6%, erucic acid 0, 0-0, 01%, glucosinolates — 0, 4%, protein 23%, mass of 1000 seeds 3, 9 — 4, 5 years, the average yield is 25-35 t/ha (maximum — 60 kg/ha).