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Corn seeds Gran 6

Offer type: salePublished: 02.12.2020
Price:10 UAH
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana, Parkovskij Aleksandr
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Grand 6 – a simple plastic medium early hybrid maize Ukrainian scientific Institute of breeding.

Refers to the hybrids for grain direction. Due to the siliceous-odontoid grain shape is a good indicator of drying after physiological maturity of the grain. Average plant height of 260 cm, the hybrid has excellent resistance to lodging under adverse weather conditions.Mounting height of head 96-98 cm, the ear has 16-18 rows of grains in the 40-46 range. Seeds yellow-orange color . Yield potential hybrid with good soil fertility can reach 159 CWT / ha. a Good feature of the hybrid Gran 6 has a high resistance to disease :

Helminthosporiosis – 8 points

FHB – 8 points

A hybrid suitable for planting in all regions of Ukraine. Recommended sowing rate Polesie 80 – 90 thousand seeds / ha Steppe 60 – 70 thousand seeds / ha.