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Multifunctional machine Zenitech MF 300B (3kW) supply is expected

Offer type: salePublished: 26.01.2018
Price:1 260 $
Seller:Masna Oksana Bogdanivna
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast'
The machine is a handy and reliable tool thanks to these features:
longitudinal planing
- calibration
- sawmilling
- drilling of round holes
- slotted rectangular grooves
- sharpening saws
- the selection of slots
the depth of the grooves
- chamfering, etc.
The machine can be used for small carpentry or a carpenter used individually.
The machine has a plate of the special design of the combined table type, which is convenient and reliable installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance.
Maximum planing width mm 300
The maximum planing depth, mm 3
Thickness range when calibrating, mm 6~120
The minimum length of the workpiece for calibration, mm 150
Maximum thickness of cutting mm 85
The maximum depth of the cut grooves 10 mm
Maximum drilling diameter mm ∅13
Maximum drilling depth, mm 60х2=120
The maximum width of the rectangular groove, mm 16
The maximum thickness of the transverse cutting, mm 360
The spindle rotation speed, rpm 3500
Feed speed, m/min 6,5
Engine power, kW/3/220
Overall dimensions, mm 1246х1620х1030
Weight 214 kg net/ kg gross 231,5