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Planer Zenitech FS 150

Offer type: salePublished: 26.01.2018
Price:570 $
Seller:Masna Oksana Bogdanivna
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast'
Functional features:
Planer is a necessary device, as in the large carpentry shop and home in the hands of a master.
With it the surface of the blanks of wood a smooth, finished thanks to the work of planing.
The machine has small size, relatively low weight, making it easy to transport it to the place of direct work where easy to install and produce planing of wooden surfaces.

Motor: 1,100 watts/220V/50Hz
Table size: 190 x 1,170 mm
Strap size: 114 x 745 mm
The diameter of the cutting deck: 63.5 mm
Number of knives: 3
The bend in the bar: 0~45 degree
The slurry hole diameter: 100 mm
Max. planing width: 152mm
Max. depth of cut: 13 mm
Parameters of grooves: 13 x 152 mm
The speed of rotation of cutting head: 4,800 rpm (50Hz)
Pushers: 2
Dimensions: 1,170 x 711 x 991 mm
Packaging dimensions: 1,220 x 520 x 410 mm
Weight net/gross: 95/110 kg